I built this site with Hugo. It uses the custom theme based on hello-firend-hg theme. The source code for my theme is here1. The page itself and its content have not been open-sourced yet.

I also added some custom javascript functions for statuslog that periodically check the api for my statuslog timeline and generate content for my page.

My page stats contains a post graph which uses the Hugo-posts-graph script to generate a github-like graph when I add a new post.


I deploy my site using Laravel forge2, which takes the source code from my GitHub repository and builds the site on my own server running on Hetzner cloud.

My static assets (javascript, fonts, images…) are hosted by Bunny CDN3.


Posts from this page are cross-posted to social sites as mastodon or bluesky using the service.

Creating content

I create content for this site using Obsidian or directly in VS Code Editor, which I commit directly to the repository, or I can use Github Issues to create posts directly from my mobile phone and Github application.

  1. I made this theme for my own blog and it doesn’t meant to be used on other websites, however you are allowd to check it and take whatever you want for your website. ↩︎

  2. Previous I used Netlify or Cloudflare. ↩︎

  3. refereal link ↩︎