Hello friends! It’s been a while since I last posted here. So, what do I have new?

🆕 Whats new?

Back in few weeks i subscribed for omg.lol service, and I moved to their Mastodon from my own hosted intance. (I kept backup just in case). I really like all the services that their provide. Latest one is proofing - service that allows you to proof itesm are yours (e.g. websites, or profiles). Community is nice and their admin answers in minutes. I also like to read Status.lol page, which is basically microbloggin platform. It’s fun and I like to read statuses.

You can check my page omg.lol page here

They also provide option to host your own blog. I moved mine there. maymeow.blog

I also created my now where you can check what i’m watchin, reading, listening, or apps that i trying. Lastly I decided to try Reader from Readwise.

If we talking about social, I created account on micro.blog. It’s also allows you to use your own domain and Hugo themes if you want to host blog with them. My is here at maymeow.com.

📱 Subscriptions

I decided reconsider what I’m paying for. I have table in my Notion where i track all my subscription. I added field “What im paying for it?” where I write why It is important for me. If this field is empty, or if I have to long thing before i write there something, it means that I probably dont need this subscribtion.

I canceled some subscription from this, Lastly I canceled Feedbin and moved to Inoreader which allows me to add 150 rss feed for free.

I moved from paid Todoist (after my subscription expired) to Micrsofot’s To-Do application. I did this because i needed really simple task management and it also is integrated with outlook (all flaged email are shown as tasks) without needs for 3rd party apps. I also have list that is shared with my family.

And I subscribed for YNAB which helps me to save my money. I’m impulsive buyer and now before i buy something i still check if i have budget for it. It is works for me.

👾 Gaming

I finally finished main scenario quests from previous expansion (Shadowbringer) from Final Fantasy XIV and started quests from Endwalker. If you want say “Hi”, im on Omega server as May Meow.

I read interesting article from Jose Munoz about trackig game pogress, and I decided to create list in my To-Do application whre i tracking progress trough main scenario quests. It will be interesting to see if it helps me to finish game. (I finised maybe 5 games to the end from total approx 90 that i have on my steam).

That’s all fro this newsletter. I’ll write next summary in few weeks. Remember to check my now page if you want to know more.