Current projects

  • omg.publish Plugin for obsidian that allows publish selected text to statuslog.
  • MeowBlog 😽 Simple blogging application written with PHP.
  • MeowBlog-Hugo Javascript library to generate content from MeowBlog API


CakePHP Plugins

  • FileUpload Configurable file upload plugin for CakePHP 4.1.x
  • Cale Authorization CakePHP 4 authorization plugin that using PHP8 attributes to define allowed roles/users
  • Attribute routing CakePHP 4 plugin that using Attributes to define routes for actions
  • Starter Kit Docker based Starter Kit for developing CakePHP applications, It contains CakePHP 4, PHP8, Redis, PostgreSQL, Minio

Standalone Libraries

  • DI Dependency injection container for PHP
  • Hydrator An Hydrator class that can be used for filling object from array and extracting data from objects back to arrays.
  • Routing Extendable Router that usses Attributes to define routes to methods
  • Excel importer Simple and extendable library for loading data from Excel files (.xlsx) into objects.

C# Libraries

  • MayMeow.Cryptography 🔐 Wrapper arround .NET Cryptography library


  • PHP SDK PHP SDK Docker image based on PHP 8.1
  • PHP Runtime PHP runtime Docker image based on PHP 8.1


    • @, www This web page
    • blog Custom made blogging platofrm and API for my page
    • cdn Bunny CDN for my website static content
    • @ Selfhosted services (currently unavailable)
    • rpo-api Register pravnických osôb API
    • status Status page for my services
  • secret domain
    • IS application for documments disclosure